It's The End Of The World...
The End by Sluggomatic

The End by Sluggomatic


What does it all mean? Where will it all end? As we all trundle together toward an inevitable unknown future filled with potential chaos, let's just take a sec to remember the beautiful things. Beauty cannot save us, but it will absolutely keep us sane, grounded, and happy (for what it's worth).

John says, "it's the end of the world
 and I feel fine! Viva life! Viva clothing!"

Don your prettiest clothes and let's meet the end head on, chins high, shoes polished, ties tied.

Lenna Petersen
Pretty lil Weed

Our shop windows have a bit of a problem. We seem to have grown these terrible weeds overnight...

I kid, I kid! We love dandelions, they're like us. Who finds dandelions beautiful? Kids! And grownup kids with playful spirits, that's who, and we kind of feel like that's you, dear customer. If you love Jackstraw, you must have an inner spirit that looks for magic in the ordinary, someone who wants to find the precious all around them and celebrate dappled sunshine and honeybees.

Lenna Petersen
Spring is a-Comin'!

For those of us living in the northwest, this has been the wettest, coldest, and darkest winter in many years. The weather has even tested me, a lover of dark melancholy, but hope has arrived, our collection Mina Perhonenhas finally arrived! 
It is truly a "dream" collection! If you're in town, come by to touch and feel these fabrics. Never has a clothing collection affected my senses as much as this one! It is genuinely made with love and kindness, and every pattern and design is created with great care by hand. Enjoy.


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