We love bringing pleasure to your senses

so we've expanded our offering.
Jackstraw will now hold a curated selection of objects, art,                            
and home pieces each season.









Working within the tradition of the vessel and occupying the space between functional pottery and sculpture, Anne is most concerned with form and surface. with their minimal shapes and rugged textures these pieces imply a history unearthed. Anne began work with clay in 2013 following a long career in the world of graphic design and branding. She has studied at Seattle's Pottery Northwest as well as at extended stay courses and a residency at La Meridiana in Italy. Anne has a studio in Inscape Arts Building in Seattle's International District.

All pieces are stoneware and oxidation fired in an electric kiln to cone, or reduction fired in a gas kiln. exteriors are various oxides applied over a textured slip. Interiors are glazed with matte black glaze, which is food safe and will hold water if used as a vase.











Handwoven in Seattle by Lenna Petersen, each What Because cotton rug is one of a kind. Using repurposed cotton fabric as weft yarns or hand dyed mop string, her rugs are woven by hand on a vintage rug loom. The designs present themselves in the process, but Lenna finds inspiration in Scandinavian design, her childhood in the 1980's, and the long and amazing history of weaving as women's work. For more information, and to explore the What Because world, go here.

Lenna has a background in fashion and fine art, and finds weaving melds these two passions nicely. She weaves in her home, and used to have a dining room.