Jackstraw Clothing started in 2008. We love clothes with stories and character, beautiful construction, and nothing too fussy or uncomfortable. We love music. We love you. We want you to look good. Please come visit us in the shop to find pieces that reflect your lifestyle. Not sure about the story you want to tell with your wardrobe? Let us help you. Call to make an appointment with John, or Sandy(206) 462-6236

- John / Owner -

john portrait.jpg

Astrological Sign: "Pisces / Aries cusp"

Likes: "Not being fucked with"

Dislikes: "Being fucked with"

Celebrity Look-Alike: "John Malkovich meets Don Knotts"

Favorite Jackstraw Collection: "Love them all. They're my babies."

Most Influential Person: "My Dad"

When Not at Jackstraw: "I'm doing battle with my kids!"



- Paola / Owner -


Astrological Sign: "Cancer"

Likes: "Listening to great music on a great sound system"

Dislikes: "Technology failures"

Celebrity Look-Alike: "Isabella Rossellini"

Favorite Jackstraw Collection: "Antipast"

Most Influential Person: "Duncan McColl"

When Not at Jackstraw: "Sharing a tasty drink and a fine meal with Duncan (and listening to great music)"


- Sandy / Stylist -


Astrological Sign: "Pisces"

Likes: "Positive, funny people who enjoy life, it's short so we better have fun!"

Dislikes: "Those who have a hard time with the statement above"

Celebrity Look-Alike: "A client's daughter said I was Merida from Disney's Brave"

Favorite Jackstraw Collection: "Boglioli and Stone Island"

Most Influential Person: "My fabulous Aunt Evelyn"

When Not at Jackstraw: "Libations and dining with friends, cooking and gardening"

- Lenna / Creative -

Jack Straw #3 3.14.18-548.jpg

Astrological Sign: "Dorothy sun, Rose moon, Sofia rising"

Likes: "Dogs, hamburgers, swimming in the ocean"

Dislikes: "Cats, canned vegetables, swimming in lakes"

Celebrity Look-Alike: "Olive Oyl"

Favorite Jackstraw Collection: "Daniela Gregis"

Most Influential Person: "My 12 year old kid"

When Not at Jackstraw: "In my studio weaving rugs"