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Our Designers


Junko Jinushi and Kyoko Kato collaborate in printing, dyeing and creation of textiles used in the collection. Having a mutual love and affinity for producing creative and beautiful products, the two established Coup de Champignon in 1991 as the foundation of all they do and Antipast was born from there in 1992.

Blue Blue Japan
Strictly made in Japan production using traditional methods and techniques including Pure Indigo dyeing and other natural dyes. Comfortable and casual pieces to be worn a lifetime.

Menswear label founded in 1973 by a pair of brothers, Boglioli is known for the fine craftsmanship of their unstructured jackets.

Daniela Gregis
Virtually handmade in Italy, last of the true cottage clothing industry producers, Daniela Gregis comes from the small town of Bergamo, where every piece is made with care by humans, not machines. Quality and beauty of the fabrics and the garments goes beyond “fashion”. A collection that recalls the past, but is the here and now and meant to be worn forever.

Fine woven luxury shirting made in Italy by Gino Quitadamo and Gigi Palomba (pictured) since 1988. Only 45,000 total shirts are made and sold worldwide per year.

Engineered Garments
Designer Daiki Suzuki’s obsession with detail as well as his interest in work wear and military clothing make EG one of the most sought after labels in the world. His following is nothing short of cult like. The label gets the name from a pattern maker’s comment that his clothing appeared to be more engineering that design.

Italian clothing label with roots in fine cashmere but known for the incredible hand of all their fabrics including linen, cottons and wools from yak to lamb, to merino.

Providing luxury hand made shirting since 1925. Yes, hand made means hand patterned, hand cut, and  hand sewn. "God is in the details"

The Gigi
Passion project of Pierluigi (Gigi) and Mario Boglioli with recent addition of Ana Gimeno Brugada, the collection has solid roots in tailored menswear. The Gigi is beautiful, classic, but playful casual wear for men and women with exquisite sense of style.

Issey Miyake
A legend.

J.W. Brine
Some choose to do one thing and be the best at it. John W. Brine makes trousers. And they are the best at it. From Carrera, they make trousers as iconic as the marble statues that surround them.

“Perfect shirts for those men that want to stand out with elegance and style, even in their spare time”.

Minä Perhonen
Founded by Akiro Minagawa. Influeced heavily by Scandinavian culture after his visit to Finland when he was 19, the label takes the name from minä, meaning “I” and perhonen meaning “butterfly”. Many of the textiles are his own design work manufactured in Denmark and Sweden. His illustrations can also be seen frequently in Asahi Shimbum Newspaper and the NIKKEI Newspaper.

Petronius 1926
The origins of Petronius 1926 are anchored in the concepts of elegance, tradition and craftsmanship. We don’t wear neckties all the time, but when we do, it’s almost always a Petronius.

Stone Island
Italian sportswear line by Carlo Rivetti known for their use of technical fabric and dying processes. They use a wide variety of colors from collection to collection and are champions of garment dyeing techniques.

Sofie D'Hoore
“I like to think of my work as a constant search for refinement in terms of cut, color, and execution. The integrity of the fabrics is paramount.”

Designer Takuji Suzuki takes inspiration from military, work and sports wear and makes contemporary clothing with unpredictable patterns and colors.

8.15 August Fifteenth
Named after the day of the year; August 15th. In 1945, it was the day the War ended. In 1969, it was the opening day of Woodstock. Both events helped shape the world to a new understanding about the exchange of ideas, commerce and culture. 8.15 clothing is produced with traditional fabrics from renown origins like Harris Tweed. Clothing you buy because you know it will last longer than you.